GAF Energy's new solar roof, Timberline Solar, is now taking on Tesla Solar Roofs as it aims to provide the masses an easy to use and install solar energy for their homes.

GAF Energy’s New Solar Roof Takes on Tesla Solar Roofs
(Photo : from GAF Energy Solar Roof Website )
GAF Energy’s new solar roof, Timberline Solar, seeks to take on Tesla Solar Roofs with its easy to install mechanics.

As per the news story by The Verge, the EV firm of billionaire Elon Musk, Tesla, has introduced a new look of a solar energy roof way back in 2016, making it flaunt a glass tile-looking design.

However, Tesla Solar Roof has since been slow to deliver its mission to bring solar energy to American homes. In fact, the waitlist has been crowded with consumers waiting for years to get it installed on their roofings.

GAF Energy's New Solar Roof

This time around, GAF Energy is seeking to go after the masses with their own version of the solar roof, which has been simplified from installation to how it actually works.

The president of GAF Energy, Martin DeBono, touted that the Timberline Solar is the first-ever real solar shingle-albeit other offerings out there that go by the same name.

The GAF Energy boss went on to explain that Timberline Solar gets installed easily. It only needs nails on top of the solar shingle to place it on a roof.

The president of the energy firm went on to say that "a number of companies have come out with what they call solar shingles, but they're pretty much identical to regular solar panels, just small."

GAF Energy’s New Solar Roof Takes on Tesla Solar Roofs
(Photo : by RICARDO ARDUENGO/AFP via Getty Images)
Solar panels set up by Tesla Industries are seen at a hospital in Vieques, Puerto Rico on November 27, 2017. - The only hospital available for the 9000 Vieques residents was damaged by Hurricane Maria and had to be closed and is only attending patients in tents outside the damaged building provided by the US Army.

DeBono added that previous offerings even required rails just to install the solar panels.

The GAF Energy exec further claimed that real solar shingles should only take days for their installation, instead of taking weeks to do so.

He also boasted that the solar roof of his firm only takes two days for them to install it.

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Solar Roof

Although there are other solar roof offerings out there, with Tesla notably one of them, GAF Energy, which is owned by Standard Industries, seeks to offer something new.

The co-CEO of Standard Industries, David Millstone, told Forbes in a new report that: "Everybody who has put solar up has tried to do it by going around the roof. You have waterproofing problems, and it's ugly too. It doesn't make for very good roofing."

As such, Standard Industries went on to establish GAF Energy to create a new solar roof.

GAF Energy has collaborated with the Sandia National Laboratories of the Department of Energy to further ensure the durability of their new solar roofs before it goes to the hands of its consumers.

Meanwhile, the direct competitor of GAF Energy's new solar roof, Tesla, is now under investigation by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for fire risks.

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