BLUETTI officially announced three key points during the CES 2022. The announcement included topics like sodium-ion batteries, the BLUETTI AC500, the BLUETTI EB3A, and how the company aims to make a difference in the future of energy storage.

Here are the Three Big BLUETTI CES 2022 Announcements:

BLUETTI NA300 to Revolutionize Energy Storage Systems

According to, the 3,000W pure sine wave inverter, as well as 3,000Wh capacity, will be able to juice up a number of appliances on the market. This is quite close to the BLUETTI EP500 Pro, which has an output voltage and powers double to 240V and 6,000W with app control.

The first-gen BLUETTI NA+ batteries are compared to the lithium-ion ones capable of charging to 80% SOC in just 30 minutes at regular room temperature. They will also keep more than 85% capacity retention throughout over 80% system integration efficiency when in sub-zero temperature at negative 20 degrees Celsius. 

BLUETTI AC500 to hold 5,000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The BLUETTI AC500 could be the most powerful option today, being 100% modular like the AC300 and capable of working with six different B301 battery modules to get a groundbreaking 18,432Wh. The tech is also capable of supporting the capacity expansion with the B300 as well!

On top of that, the AC500 is capable of getting 8,000W Max while also having AC + PV dual charging for 5,000W and 3,000W, respectively. It also has two different AC500s capable of building a 240V 10,000W output power system through the use of a fusion box.

The Small but Mighty BLUETTI EB3A

Out of all the other names BLUETTI gives its products, the EB3A is definitely a district break from the other lineups. As per BLUETTI staff, the "A" used in the name is for "Advanced," and the EB3A comes with a 600W pure sine wave inverter as well as 288Wh LiFePO4 battery pack stored under the hood while being topped off with 600W Max support.

The EB31 also comes with AC input and 200W Max solar input making it a huge fish for the entry-level power station market the product aims to dominate. To add, the EB3A will be the first-ever BLUETTI compact model that won't need a bulky power brick to charge it.

Another thing that makes this a banger is that the EB3A only takes 20 minutes or a coffee break to reach 80% when fully charged.

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BLUETTI Looks Towards Future of Energy Storage

As of the moment, BLUELETTI is looking at the future of energy storage. The company, however, still needs time to improve and iterate the total capability of sodium-ion battery technology.

Diversified technologies are now expected to assure the industry's overall development towards a green and pleasant world ahead as per the publication.

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