InWith Corporation took to CES 2022 to announce the "potentially" most advanced platform for viewing the upcoming metaverse. Imagine soft contact lenses that enable an easy transition from the real world to the Metaverse.

InWith Corporation Plans to Release Futuristic Contact Lenses

According to the report by, InWith is now planning to achieve the FDA Breakthrough Clearance to start putting futuristic contact lenses on the market just shortly after. To add, the very first application of the technology will be "tunable vision" by mobile device and "augmented vision" that is expected to be coupled with mobile device control.

The markets have already been called "multi-billion dollars" by themselves, while the application for a fully immersive Metaverse viewing is expected to offer super lightweight and a virtually invisible way for people to go back and forth from the metaverse to the real world.

Metaverse Market Estimated to be Worth Potentially Trillions of Dollars

The upcoming greater Metaverse market is currently estimated to be worth potentially a massive trillion dollars as per industry experts. With that, InWith technology displayed at the CES 2022 shows a configuration to enable developers to be able to place augmented vision display chip applications directly into any particular soft hydrogel contact lenses that millions of people already wear on a daily basis.

As of the moment, InWith is the only company so far to display in public the capability to integrate component circuitry directly into the modern, soft contact lens material. 

InWith is working along with the top Fortune 50 companies as of the moment to be able to secure and introduce the very first viable integrations of the said technology in the market along with the backing of a few hundred patents this year.

2020 Milestone for InWith

InWith's announcement follows the company's 2020 milestone display of stretchable electronic circuitry when it comes to name-brand contact lenses. To expand, the developer has garnered an article by Forbes back in 2020, which was considered one of the most popular tech stories during that year.

InWith has already pioneered and patented key integration techniques when it comes to solid components and circuits directly into hydrogel materials by allowing materials to both expand and contract when it comes to the normal manufacturing princess.

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What the Technology Means for the Future of Eyesight

The breakthrough allows a number of developers to create displays and ophthalmic improvement applications for the upcoming contact lenses and intraocular lenses that are already in use by millions of people on a day-to-day basis.

InWith tech is supposed to help enable electronic revolution for the future of eyesight and ophthalmic capabilities from the latest AR/XR metaverse visual applications to give better sight to people suffering from Myopia or Presbyopia that are connected and tunable with mobile devices.

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