KFC will be launching its plant-based chicken starting January 10. The brand new plant-based chicken will be sold at the starting price of just $7.

Beyond Meat Plant-Based Chicken Substitute

According to the story by Engadget, Beyond Meat's very own plant-based chicken substitute will be making its way to KFC restaurants across the United States. The customers will be able to pick up their very own Beyond Fried Chicken à la carte or as part of the fast-food chain's very first plant-based combo meal that is expected to start on January 10.

The upcoming item will be made available on KFC menus for just a limited amount of time and while the stock still lasts. The stock might not last as long based on the previous runs that the plant-based chicken has made.

Plant-Based Chicken to Start at $7

The upcoming product is expected to start at the price of just $7, but the price could still vary depending on the location of where the products are being sold. Buyers can finally pick up the plant-based chicken at KFC locations starting January 10.

Beyond Fried Chicken, which was created exclusively by Beyond Meat just for KFC, initially debuted at an Atlanta restaurant some time back in 2019. With that, lines were reportedly wrapped around the restaurant, which had then sold out of the plant-based item in the span of just five hours in total.

KFC Beyond Fried Chicken

Other test runs took place back in 2020 at restaurants located in Nashville, Charlotte, and even South California. The locations in the latter region all sold out of Beyond Fried Chicken in the span of just a whole week.

If ever buyers happen to miss out on the KFC Beyond Fried Chicken during the whole run, customers will still be able to find the Beyond Meat chicken alternative somewhere else. To add, some grocery stores began selling the company's very own "chicken" tenders starting just a few months ago.

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Decision Comes Amidst Surge in Omicron Variant

An article by CNBC notes that KFC and Beyond Meat state that they remain bullish on the product despite the launch coming amidst the surge in the omicron variant. More Americans are starting to embrace the so-called flexitarian diet wherein consumers are cutting down on their meat consumption for both health and environmental reasons.

Due to the rise of the flexitarian diet, the popularity of plant-based substitutes started to grow. With that, the partnership hits during the time of a national labor crunch wherein a lot of eateries are now running short-staffed.

In order to run smoothly despite fewer workers, a number of chains have still been reluctant to add brand new items or even scale back on their original menus. Surges in the cases of COVID have started to exacerbate those issues as workers are calling in sick due to positive tests or even exposure to infection.

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