Sony Mobility Inc. is bringing its take on electric vehicles, coming soon this Spring of 2022 for the first reveal of the company's prototype. Sony's unprecedented take on electric vehicles caught the world off guard during its CES 2022 reveal, but it brings a lot to the table. 

The expectations are riding high for the famous Japanese company, aiming to introduce the world with a highly technological vehicle with more nifty features compared to others. 

Sony Mobility: Electric Vehicles are Coming this 2022

Sony VISION-S Electric Vehicles
(Photo : Sony Group)
Sony enters the world of electric vehicles with the VISION-S, featuring two versions of the car with a sedan and SUV. All features the latest technology in the EV world, focusing on advancements and safety on its make.

Sony has a Vision, and it is with the upcoming electric vehicles this 2022. 

Sony is forming a branch called "Sony Mobility" that will launch this spring season, and it would handle the company's electric vehicle leg.

Sony VISION-S Electric Vehicle
(Photo : Sony Group)

According to Sony's press release, there are two upcoming cars in its electrification project, falling under the name of VISION-S. One is a sedan, the VISION-S 01, and the other is a crossover or SUV, which is the VISION-S 02. 

The focus of Sony is to provide a new electric vehicle experience, something that remains unseen to the world. The famous Japanese technology conglomerate debuted its vehicles at CES 2022, showcasing the first EV it ever made. 

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Sony EV: What to Expect from the New Venture

Sony VISION-S Electric Vehicle
(Photo : Sony Group)

The Sony VISION-S is the standard that would don over its electric vehicle, bringing numerous technological features and advancements to the automotive industry. Sony road-tested the cars since April 2021 and last December, having its prototypes experience the actual situations of a driving vehicle. 

The cars have electric sensors and a CMOS image featuring LiDAR for its driver assistance technology. It aims for a Level 2+ autonomy in European standards. 

Electric Vehicles and their Impact on the World

Electric vehicles are taking over the world, not just in certain countries like the US. The reports from Switzerland and Norway show massive advancements regarding the purchases of its electric vehicles, with Tesla leading the scoreboard in a global sense.

Sony VISION-S Electric Vehicle
(Photo : Sony Group)

The world now accepts EVs as the future of transportation, and a lot of countries have already made their pledges to phase out internal combustion engines in favor of electric mobility. Not only that are EVs the requirements of the law now, but it helps in preserving the environment as they emit no carbon emissions, unlike ICEs. 

Many companies are now turning to massive electrification swaps, and one of those is Sony, despite not having any car productions before this new venture. The new department of Sony opens up numerous possibilities, but it does not shy away from the world's goals of pushing for electric mobility in the years to come. 

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