For this segment, CES 2022 tackled the world of autonomous robots through Ottonomy. The robotic startup discussed how these machines work as delivery bots for indoor and outdoor activities earlier this week.

CES 2022: Meet Ottonomy

CES 2022: Ottonomy Talks About First Fully Autonomous Delivery Robots in an Airport
(Photo : Ottonomy)
Ottonomy shared some interesting information about its fully autonomous delivery robots during CES 2022.

According to a report from Electronics 360, Ottonomy brought its scalable robots to the annual CES event last Tuesday, Jan. 4. To use Ottobots for their upcoming operations, the company inked a deal with Presto, a restaurant labor productivity provider. It also signed an agreement with CVG Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"The pandemic has provided Ottobots a catalyst enabling a series of partnerships that allowed us to launch fully autonomous delivery for indoor deliveries, curbside deliveries, and last-mile deliveries," CEO of Ottonomy Ritukar Vijay said during his speech.

The startup noted that the delivery robots would transport different items to households throughout the airport. Moreover, it mentioned that the Ottobots would be the first autonomous robots that will operate at an airport.

Through these fully-autonomous bots, Presto will deliver food to the customers who order food from restaurants with which it teamed up. To add, Ottonomy has established a partnership with last-mile food delivery service Crave for this undertaking.

The creator of the robot fleet started testing its projects back in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. It is expected that later this 2022, the startup will conduct more research about autonomous robots before it launches more of them to the public.

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How Ottobots Work

The primary task for these autonomous bots is to deliver orders to the customers. This means that they should first need to have an updated map track, particularly the digital maps of the location.

Furthermore, there will be navigation software that will let the robots roam the areas. They could traverse even the harsh environments and even the crowded lands. For the various geographies, the company will deploy a dedicated system that will utilize special tools, making them flexible to use.

Over the next 18 months, Ottonomy eyes will roll out the fleet of robots. Recently, it announced that it partnered with Aro for the management of the Ottobots (fleet and life cycle management) and the daily operation and implementation of the machines.

Other AI Innovations on CES 2022

In another report by Venture Beat, here are the other AI-related inventions that were mentioned during the recent CES tech show.

  • Smart-driver facing cameras (SmartWitness)/Safety device for the consumer (Xperi)/Next-level dashcams (NextBase) for road incident recording
  • Voice tech AI (
  • Autonomous mobility innovation for people/objects (Perrone Robotics)
  • AI-driven deep neural networks (Deeplite)

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